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American Legion Riders Motorcycle Association


Massachusetts Chapter 224





        To participate in parades and other ceremonies which are in keeping with the aims and Purposes of the American Legion. 

        To promote motorcycle safety programs and to provide a social atmosphere for American Legion members who share the same interest.

       To use our Association to promote and support the programs of the American Legion



I.                    Membership: There are two requirements for membership.


A.     A current member of the American Legion, Auxiliary, or Sons of the American Legion

B.     Must be the legally registered owner of a motorcycle of at least 350cc, or be the spouse of a member.

1.      Current members must show proof of registration for said motorcycle.

2.      All new membership applicants shall be approved by majority vote at a regularly scheduled meeting.


II.                Chapter Supporters  

A.     The Chapter Supporter classification does not constitute full membership in the ALR, but is intended as a means to provide recognition to those who show strong support to the ALR Chapter.

B.     Chapter Supporters will be issued a membership card which clearly denotes their status as a Chapter Supporter.

C.     The conferring of "Chapter Supporter" status must not be made in connection with the promise of any material, financial, or political benefit to the Chapter, its members or its officers; nor to any other member at any other organizational level within the ALR; nor must there be any similar gains for the honoree through the conferring of "Chapter Supporter" status.


III.             Special Class Membership

A.     You or your spouse may continue your membership as a special class member (with full membership privileges) if you fail to meet the membership requirements of section I (B) pursuant to the following and subject to the approval of the general membership:


1.      Death of a spouse who was the owner of the motorcycle as defined in section I (B).

2.      Disability, which prevents you from physically being able to operate a motorcycle, and ownership of the motorcycle, was relinquished, due to this disability. (This would also allow the spouse to continue membership under these conditions for special class membership.).

3.      For (1)&(2) above, you must have been a regular member for at least one full year.

4.      You must continue with the requirements of section I (A)




IV.              Officers of the Chapter

A.     President *

B.     Vice-President *

C.     Secretary *

D.     Treasurer *

E.      Sergeant at Arms *

F.      Road Captain

G.     Historian/Photographer/Web Master

H.     Color Guard Captain

I.        Chaplain

J.       Road Lieutenant


(* Denotes minimum requirements for officers in the chapter.)

(* * Positions A through E are elected positions subject to section V.  Positions F through J are appointed positions.)


V.                 Duties of Chapter Officers

A.     President

Serves as Chief Administrative Officer of the Chapter and presides                                                                 over all meetings.

He/She shall have general supervision over the affairs of the Chapter. 

He/She shall perform such other duties as directed by the general         membership.

B.     Vice-President

Will assume the duties of the President in his/her absence.

Will assist the President in the performance of his/her duties when called on to do so by the President.

C.     Secretary

To keep a full and accurate record of all proceedings at the meetings. 

 Keep membership records as may be required by the general membership.     


D.    Treasurer

 To have charge of all finances of the Chapter.  To have charge of disbursing funds as directed by the general membership.  To give detailed financial reports at each regular meeting.

     (Copies will be furnished to the sponsoring Post if requested.)


E.     Sgt. At Arms

Will assist the President to ensure that all the rules of the ALR are followed.  Will introduce special guests and new members to the membership.  Will maintain order during all ALR events and meetings.  The Sergeant at Arms has the right to bring swift and immediate Board action upon violation of ALR By-Laws


F.      Road Captain

Will be the logistical person in charge of organized runs of the chapter.  He/She will determine dates, times, routes, and meeting places for those taking part in a run activity.  He/She may, at his/her discretion appoint road guards or take any other measures he/she may feel necessary to help ensure the safety of the group during the run.


G.    Historian/Photographer/Web Master

                        Will be responsible for taking still pictures as well  as videos.

                        Will keep historical records of the Chapter.


H.    Color Guard Captain

      Will be responsible for the Color Guard and Equipment.


I.       Chaplain

      Will assist in the religious welfare of the Chapter.


J.      Road Lieutenant

                        Will act in full capacity as Road Captain in their absence.

                        Also, assist the Sergeant At Arms at all membership                        meetings/events.


(Note: All photographic and web site materials related to the ALR will be returned to the Post ALR upon release of position.)


VI.              Elections

A.     Election of Chapter officers will be held every year, at such time as determined by a majority vote.

B.     Only those members of the Chapter in good standing (fulfilling Paragraph I.) at the time of election shall be allowed to vote and/or run for elected office.

C.     Elected officers will be required to attend at least the scheduled meetings.

D.     If an elected officer is unable to perform their duties, the temporary position will be filled by one of the other elected officers (via group vote), and held until the next election.

E.      Election Cycle

1.      Nominations will be submitted on a date determined a majority vote.

2.      Election will be held on the second meeting following nomination.

     (Copies will be furnished to the sponsoring Post if requested.)

VII.           Meetings

A.     Meetings will be held at a date, time, and place as voted on by a majority of members at a regular meeting.  Four members constitute a quorum.



VIII.        Finances

A.     Finances of the Chapter will be from Chapter membership dues and/or such other sources as approved by the membership.

B.     ALR finances will be kept in a two (2)-signature checking account requiring two (2) signatures for checking endorsement.  The treasurer and at least one other officers’ signature will be the endorsers of the checking account.


IX.              Disbursement of funds

Disbursement of funds will be only those authorized at a meeting of the Chapter.  Each Chapter will be a non-profit organization and may only disburse funds in a manner that is in keeping with local, state, and Federal laws regarding non-profit organizations


X.                 Chapter Organization

A.     Each chapter must be sponsored by a local American Legion Post.

1.      Eligible members in the American Legion Riders are not required to transfer their Post, Auxiliary, or S.A.L. membership to the sponsoring post.

2.      Post-sponsored Chapters shall not participate in, or organize any programs, which would be in direct conflict with the sponsoring Post.


XI.              Patch Requirement

A.     New members will be eligible to receive an organization patch as soon as possible.

B.     No dual patches, (such as patches for other clubs) will be worn by any members.  Also, no items such as pins, patches, etc, will be worn on or above the American Flag (No Exceptions).

C.     Additional patches will be limited to Rolling Thunder and Deceased Member memorial patches. As Voted on by the general membership.

D.     All patches will be sewn on (not glued).


XII.           Residency

A.     Each Chapter will be known by the state in which it’s Sponsoring Post resides.  Chapters may be further broken down into District and Post.

                       (i.e.: Massachusetts Chapter 56, District 2, Easthampton, Post 224).

XIII.        Expulsion

A.     Any member or supporter may be expelled or suspended from the ALR for bringing discredit to the American Legion or the American Legion Riders, for not renewing annual dues, not meeting membership requirements per sections I, II, or III, misconduct in public while wearing ALR patches, or repeated motorcycle safety violations.  Creating a problem while impaired/not impaired at any event or meeting will be grounds for “Expulsion” upon review of the Executive Board.  Individuals “Expelled” may not participate in ANY ALR meeting/event.



XIV.        Governing Rules

A.     These standing rules shall be no less stringent than those contained in these bylaws, nor can they be in conflict with the National Constitution and bylaws of the American Legion, The Department of Massachusetts, or the sponsoring Post.




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